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MindPro Evaluation Center is the most comprehensive online evaluation, testing and certification site available.




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Try our FREE Baseline Exam to test your understanding of the Sigma Programs.


Now that you have prepared yourself with the MindPro Training System, you are ready to complete your evaluations and obtain your certifications. Please note, to obtain your Black Belt and Green Belt certifications; you must complete the digital project which is offered in the MindPro Training System.
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Test As You Train!

The MindPro Testing System allows
you to test as you progress through
your Six Sigma Training. 

Our Mission....

We will continue to research and develop Six Sigma curriculums, application tools, delivery methods and support systems that will assist any type or size of organization in developing a world-class work force. Thus, our goal is to design, develop, deliver and maintain professional programs that allow individuals to further their careers while concurrently benefiting their sponsoring organizations. In support of this mission we will advance our affiliate relationships in the interests of our customers.

Provided by Dr. Mikel J. Harry, the MindPro Evaluation Center delivers secure, modular examination and evaluation services. All of the MindPro exams and evaluation tools have been designed using state-of-the-art instructional technologies. This means you will experience a competency-based validation of your total learning experience.

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